‘Focused On Funerals’

The First UK National Funeral Celebrancy Continuing Professional Development Conference

12 & 13 October 2019,

Mercure Brandon Hall Hotel and Spa, Coventry


Discover how funerals are changing and how as celebrants we can stay ahead of the curve, thrive in business and keep serving our clients and families at the highest level.

10 hours of CPD available

Thank you Emma Curtis for your wonderful and inspiring creative writing session at the Convention. It encouraged me to try a new opening today, slightly out of my comfort/safe zone and ‘stretch myself’. At the funeral today it worked so well… The widow said that service was ‘brilliant’ and it was as if her husband was actually there.

Bev Symonds

Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, Beverley Symonds, Independent Funeral Celebrant

Ceremony Matters is excited to launch the first National UK Funeral Celebrancy Conference for Continuing Professional Development, dedicated to providing advanced training and the best opportunities for you and your business. We welcome funeral celebrants from any association, fellowship, belief system or training organisation for two days of workshops, networking and talks that will leave you inspired and ready to take your business to the next level.

The first UK Nationwide Funeral Celebrancy CPD Conference is open to all who are dedicated to raising the bar and offering the best service possible to their clients and families. An additional aspect to the weekend will be focusing on collegiality, good networking and sharing resources and support, benefiting each of us individually, and the profession as a whole.

The conference is being held at the fabulous Mercure Brandon Hall Hotel and Spa in Coventry, on the 12th and 13th October 2019: A weekend of funerals only recognising the importance of continual learning and development in refining and developing our roles as funeral celebrants, and giving us opportunities for meeting and learning from a wide range of other celebrants, with diverse backgrounds and more experience to share.

We have an amazing early bird booking offer of 20% off both days of the conference until midnight on Wednesday 31st July 2019.

With the rapid change in public expectations, and growing numbers of funeral celebrants, the need has never been greater for those with experience to get together to develop their celebrancy skills and creativity.

Offering high quality, meaningful and personalised funeral ceremonies is the best way of growing sustainable businesses, so the focus of this conference will be on quality of service, with creative writing workshops, discussions with industry leaders, inspiring talks and discussions and sharing best practice. There is also a day set aside for self-care and building resilience so that we can continue to offer excellent service to others.

This conference is not just going to be about marketing and making money. Of course we all want to be financially successful in our work, however, there are plenty of other such offerings.

This conference is about providing the very best quality of service possible to our clients and ‘families’. That is the core of our celebrancy business. The growth and sustainability of our businesses depend upon our skills and our relationships. We can make new contacts and let people get to know us through our media presence, but in the end, it is the service that we provide, that is meaningful and memorable, which creates and maintains our business as successful and in demand funeral celebrants.


This is a conference for those who are truly committed to providing the best service to the bereaved, who aren’t afraid to challenge themselves and grow their business reputation as excellent celebrants who offer services that really help people.

I very much hope that you will join me and an inspiring group of colleagues who see this weekend as an invaluable investment in their skills, their personal growth and their business development when we get together for the first ever UK National Funeral Celebrancy CPD Conference – it’s going to be awesome

See you there.

Emma Curtis, CEO Ceremony Matters, including Celebrant Support

Emma has helped me so much with my work as a celebrant. I didn’t feel that my training adequately prepared me for working as a celebrant so Emma mentored me. I felt supported, encouraged and guided and developed my own style of ceremonies. Highly recommended service for funeral celebrants, no matter how experienced.

Louise Winter

Celebrant and Funeral Director, Poetic Endings

National UK Funeral Celebrancy Conference

Mercure Brandon Hall Hotel and Spa, Coventry

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October 2019


Two days of Continuing Professional Development plus Conference Guest Talk and 3-course Dinner 

with Emma Curtis, plus guest speaker Fran Hall, CEO Good Funeral Guide.

Conference Saturday:

Self-care and Resilience-building for funeral celebrants – A relaxed day of support, advice and care
10.30 till 5pm 

Self-care Is not an indulgence. It’s a discipline, and an important practice if we are to stay healthy and able to offer the best of ourselves to our clients/families.

It can be really hard to support families in their grief. Many of us have been sharing tears shed over tragic situations, and the pressure of getting each ceremony just right in the online forum. It can also be challenging to work with some of our colleagues in the industry when they do not understand our work. Some of us are not getting all the support that we need. Come and join us as Saturday offers an opportunity to reflect on our working practice, learn some helpful coping skills, and to relax and restore.


  • Learn how to manage stress
  • Prevent compassion fatigue
  • Handle your worries
  • Discuss the value that we give to our work and how that compares, what we are paid under the current model and how we might resolve any imbalance.
  • Talk about developing really good working relationships with funeral directors and arrangers in changing times
  • Discover what you can do when you feel sad or dispirited
  • Discuss what we are doing to protect ourselves as lone workers
  • Understand that it’s not just you who is worried about the way forward! So many new entrants into celebrancy are meaning that we have to really up our game. Find out how and leave with renewed fire in your belly.

Share your stories and your experience, and discover that we can be more resilient when we support each other. Celebrancy is becoming more competitive, but supportive alliances can help us stay strong and doing our best work.

A buffet lunch is provided for you, then in the afternoon you can choose to do what suits you best.

In the afternoon:


  • Drop-in Celebrant Surgery for anyone who would like support or advice
  • Peer to peer reflective practice opportunity
  • Spend time talking, sharing resources and developing support networks with colleagues
  • If you need time alone then walk in the hotel’s lovely gardens or soak in the spa to really give yourself a treat and ’time out’
Get the opportunity to really relax and rest, before we all meet for the evening talk and dinner.
Give yourself at treat, look after you, and get what you need from the day. Advice and support will be available all day.


“I had the pleasure of chatting with Emma recently about a celebrant business idea I couldn’t get straight in my head. She helped me to break it down and enabled me to formulate a plan… Without Emma’s focussed reasoning, my idea would still be swimming around my head making little or no sense, even to me! Thank you Emma for your calm logic.”

Michelle Taylor

Funky Celebrant (Wedding and Family Celebrant), mtaylorcelebrant.co.uk

Conference Sunday:

Advanced Creative Ceremony Writing and Changing Trends for Funerals 2020:


Emma has become well respected for her really popular creative writing workshops. Spend more time developing your skills. We are going to be examining how to easily write flowing unique scripts and this year we’ll be concentrating on how we write totally individual and personalised ceremonies, especially:


  • Farewells
  • Commendations
  • Committals

so that your ceremonies can be meaningful and fitting top-to-tail, everytime.

A scrummy buffet lunch.

After lunch:


  • Explore new trends in funeral celebrancy
  • Officiating ceremonies at unusual and alternative venues. “How to work beyond the crematorium chapel”
  • Learn how to manage the practicalities of ceremonies where no funeral director is present
  • Plus a chance to talk about the new Funeral Celebrancy Council and the future of Funeral Celebrancy
It’s going to be a packed day and you’ll leave with new tools and ideas you are excited to try.
We are so excited to be able to offer you this weekend conference that we have an Amazing Early Bird Sale for bookings before 31 July 2019, offering a great 20% discount. 

A downloadable CPD certificate will be sent to you after the conference.



Conference Guest Talk and Dinner – Saturday evening
7pm (book separately)
    • Relax with a glass of wine as we learn what’s happening right now in our industry from one of the foremost independent commentators on what is happening in funeral world: Fran Hall CEO of the Good Funeral Guide. Fran is coming to talk to us about The Way Forward and how changes in 2019 will affect our role as funeral celebrants.
    • Then we’ll sit down to a delicious 3-course dinner, which we are promised will be lovingly prepared by the Mercure’s new chef

Just imagine:

  • Informative, cutting edge industry talk and discussion with an industry leader
  • Good food and a glass of wine
  • Wonderful opportunity to network and get to know each other better
  • Before a great night’s sleep in one of the Brandon Mercure’s lovely lush bedrooms, or wherever you choose to stay.

Whether you agree with opinions that Fran Hall has expressed on the Good Funeral Guide blog or not, hear what this industry leader is saying. She’s ready to answer your questions, your challenges, and to hear you. This is where the rubber meets the road! Don’t miss this chance to find out just what we can expect as funeral celebrants in 2020.


Here are your options for booking

Click to book, and don’t forget to add in Saturday’s 3-course Dinner! Early Bird Sale only until 31 July 2019.

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Accommodation: Bed and Breakfast Offer at Mercure Brandon Hall Hotel £84 per night special conference rate. To book your room please call the Mercury Brandon Hall hotel on 02476 546000 and give the code: CEREMONY MATTERS. Offer ends 11 September, so don’t forget to book.

Tutor profile

Emma Curtis is an award-winning influencer in funeral celebrancy working to raise the standards of funeral celebrancy throughout the profession and working to gain recognition for the valuable work that celebrants do in the service of the bereaved. She was the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants Manager of CPD for two years, and a founder representative on the Funeral Celebrancy Council, and now offers this National Conference to Celebrants who wish to offer services that really make a lasting difference to their clients, and that build their reputation as excellent celebrants.

Winner of the National Celebrant Award for ‘Influencing the Wider Profession’ in Funeral Celebrancy, she is also the only non-religious minister to have been recognised in the ‘Minister of the Year’ category at the Good Funeral Awards, where she was awarded runner-up. Emma is also a certified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist, Pastoral Counsellor, Grief Specialist and award-winning Opera Singer, bringing that wealth of experience not only to her clients, but to supporting celebrants through mentoring, supervision and further training. Emma is the founder of Celebrant Support www.celebrantsupport.com and CeremonyMatters, further trainings for Funeral Celebrants. 

I messaged Emma for a HELP ME! session as I needed inspiration for a way into a funeral ceremony the like of which I’d not met in the last seven years! Her help was instantaneous, right on the button and I sat down and wrote the whole thing without a pause. Thanks Emma for a perfect service!

Nick Laurie

Independent Celebrant, FPC, nicklaurie.co.uk