Training from novice to advanced – New skills for experienced celebrants – Confidence as a new celebrant –  Creative solutions for bespoke ceremonies – Facilitating ‘Zoom’ Funerals and Memorials – Public Speaking and Presentation Skills – Singing & Voice Work – Support for Compassion Fatigue – Creative ceremony writing – Managing stress and Boosting Confidence  – Better Family Meetings – Alternative Ceremonies – New Rituals – Managing difficult situations and complicated dynamics – On-going Mentoring – Emotional Support – German, French and Italian spoken language – Blended faith ceremonies – How to do Burials and Memorials – and more.

Celebrant Support is here to help you get better use of your very precious time. Getting some help can save you hours of struggling and that’s what I’m here for.
It’s really simple. Everything is £60 an hour or £1 per minute. You get my full concentration on your issue for your time.
You can use your time as you wish, whether to talk over problems, get ideas, or brush up a skill.


Regular mentoring or one-to-one supervision – £60 per hour online via zoom, or in person in Esher. Sessions in London cost £80 to cover room hire.

HELP ME! Sessions – £15 for 15 minutes by phone or online as soon as possible after you text 07768878764 requesting ‘help’ and how many minutes you think you need.

HELP ME! URGENT – as much time as you need at £1 per minute by phone or online video, as soon as possible after you text 07768 878764 requesting ‘help urgent’. Whether you are having writer’s block or are sitting in the car after a difficult service, I’ll be with you as soon as humanly possible.

Support from the START package – If you just finished your training and don’t feel ready, I can put together something just for you that covers the areas where you need more confidence – £POA, we can talk about a package price for a number of hours.

Group supervision in London – £15 per session. If you would like to be part of our London group supervision group, meeting a Angel Islington N1 please send me a message

How do I set up and pay for a HELP ME! session?

“I messaged Emma for a HELP ME! session as I needed inspiration for a way into a funeral ceremony the like of which I’d not met in the last seven years! Her help was instantaneous, right on the button and I sat down and wrote the whole thing without a pause. Thanks Emma for a perfect service!”
Nick Laurie

Independent Celebrant, FPC

For HELP ME! sessions. You purchase one 15 mins session or you can purchase an hour of time, then let me know how long you think we will need, and ‘time bank’ what you don’t use for next time. So, say you buy an hour and think we will need about 20 minutes, let me know that when you text 07768 878764 or email me to book, I’ll make sure we have 20 mins to chat.
If we run over because you want more time, and I have more time available, we stay on the clock and the extra minutes are already paid from your ‘time bank’, whatever remains is saved for next time you need support. If I don’t have more time available, we can continue our talk in the next time slot available. ‘Time bank’ credit remains valid for 90 days.
You book a HELP ME! session by texting me at 07768 878764 – HELP ME! Time you want, when you need it, your name. e.g. “HELP ME! 15 mins, Tomorrow, Jane.” You can say ‘Urgent’, ‘Today’, ‘ASAP’, ‘Friday’, ‘Weekend’. Whatever you need, and I will give you the first time slot I have available.
I take payment by BACS or Stripe, you choose when you make your booking. All sessions must be paid for in advance.