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I messaged Emma for a HELP ME! session as I needed inspiration for a way into a funeral ceremony the like of which I’d not met in the last seven years! Her help was instantaneous, right on the button and I sat down and wrote the whole thing without a pause. Thanks Emma for a perfect service!

Nick Laurie

Independent Celebrant, FPC,

I had the pleasure of chatting with Emma recently about a celebrant business idea I couldn’t get straight in my head.She helped me to break it down and enabled me to formulate a plan… Without Emma’s focussed reasoning, my idea would still be swimming around my head making little or no sense, even to me !( and I’m the one who thought of it!!!) Thank you Emma for your calm logic.

MIchelle Taylor

Funky Celebrant (Wedding and Family Celebrant),

“I have incorporated many of your ideas and simply cannot tell you how grateful I am for your guidance. Of equal help has been your encouragement and support, which had enabled me to get this far!.”


Funeral Director

Emma was so supportive and helpful during my journey into celebrancy. She shared her experience, advice and skills so selflessly, and observing her work gave me confidence I don’t feel I could have found on my own. Her support both in person and on the telephone guided me through some critical moments in my work. Emma’s approachable, friendly manner, combined with her vast experience, her confidence and her belief in what she does, make her an excellent resource for celebrants, or anyone involved in grief counselling.”

Gillian Keith

Independent Celebrant

Thank you Emma Curtis for your wonderful and inspiring creative writing session at the Convention. It encouraged me to try a new opening today, slightly out of my comfort/safe zone and ‘stretch myself’. At the funeral today it worked so well… The widow said that service was ‘brilliant’ and it was as if her husband was actually there.

Beverley Symonds

Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, Beverley Symonds, Independent Funeral Celebrant

Emma has helped me so much with my work as a celebrant. I didn’t feel that my training adequately prepared me for working as a celebrant so Emma mentored me. I felt supported, encouraged and guided and developed my own style of ceremonies. Highly recommended service for funeral celebrants, no matter how experienced.

Louise Winter

Celebrant and Funeral Director, Poetic Endings

The little pieces of advice that you have given me over the last 12 months have been invaluable. You are a natural mentor… this is something that can only serve to aid those of us who wish to offer the very best overall service”

Jonathan K

Independent Celebrant

“Emma is wise and perceptive, compassionate and kind.  ”

Rabbi Dr. David J. Zucker

North West Surrey Synagogue